Faucet and Leak Repairs in Juno & Boca Beach, FL

Just think how many gallons of water will be wasted over time. The longer you ignore it, the higher your water bill will climb.  Even more seriously, the risk of extensive long-term damage to your property increases as water seeps into cupboards. It may seep into countertops and other expensive installations as well. However, have no worries at all! Because faucet and leak repairs by LightHouse Plumbing is there to take care of all your issues.

Let our experienced technicians install your brand new sink or dishwasher. We’ll do it right, first time, so there’ll be no risk of leaks to cause hidden damage. You’ll be confident that beautiful new appliances can perform as intended, conserving water and saving you money. Get in touch with us now to avail plumbing as well as concierge services.

The best repair services along the coast!

Our plumbers can also install your new garbage disposal or sink without causing a mess. Get it done properly, first time! You need to make sure that it must be done correctly without any leakage that may cause issues in future. Be confident that we’ll not only make your kitchen look gorgeous but we’ll ensure that it must be fully functional.

Our friendly and efficient team are on hand to deal with any faucet and leak repairs needed at your place. Lighthouse Plumbing is ready to serve you anywhere along the coast. From our Jupiter HQ, whether in Palm Beach, Juno Beach or Boca Raton, we can reach your place in minutes!

Bathroom faucet and leak repairs

We’ve all experienced the way plumbing problems in the bathroom may spoil our whole day. Leaking or malfunctioning faucets and pipes, have certainly a negative impact on your bills. Low water pressure is the last thing you need as you take your morning shower for a relaxing bath. Then there’s that uncomfortable realization that a damp patch has appeared on the ceiling of the room below. Also it may seem to be getting bigger. Leaky and faulty faucets and pipes must be repaired immediately. Otherwise these types of issues may lead to serious water damage and costly repairs. 

At Lighthouse Plumbing Services, we’ll carry out any faucet and leak repairs needed, quickly and efficiently. We’ll come at the best time for you, bringing everything we need to work efficiently. Our pros will do quality work to ensure you’re satisfied. Then, we’ll be on our way, leaving you to spend your time doing the things you’d rather be doing.

Faucet and leak repairs in Juno & Boca Beach, FL

Emergency Faucet and Leak Repairs

Serious leaks always seem to occur at the least convenient moments. They mostly occur during the middle of the night, at weekends, or during festive periods. When something goes wrong, it can develop very quickly into something more serious. What might start as a small leak may cause serious damage so it’s vital to get help immediately. Whether it’s a burst pipe gushing water, or a major flood, our emergency service will be there. Our team bring what they need to deal with your problem. They will carry out your faucet and leak repairs without any delay. They‘ll be at your location quickly, providing the best and most cost-effective solution to minimize the damage.

Commercial Contracts

Are you looking for a plumbing company to work on maintenance contracts for your commercial property?  Whether you’re a building contractor and require a reliable plumber to carry out faucet and leak repairs in your projects, or you have a sudden emergency, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Plumbing Services today and let’s discuss how we can help you.