Drain Cleaning Made Easy in Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas of FL

Do you have a slow or clogged drain in your bathroom, kitchen or utility room? Are you constantly dealing with drain problems? At LightHouse Plumbing Services our professionals are available 24/7, 365 days a year to serve you. We perform routine maintenance and emergency drain cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.

We are the experts at unblocking and cleaning household drains, outdoor drains, and sewer lines. 

Complete Drain Cleaning Service includes:

clogged sink, drain cleaning

Cleaning Kitchen Drains

Over time, kitchen drains can become blocked as grease, soap, fats, detergents and food debris build up inside pipes. Water takes forever to disappear, or remains standing. Chances are you ‘ve made attempts to fix the situation with a plunger, but they don’t seem to have worked.  Or, it may be that you notice a foul odour coming from your dishwasher due to a clogged drain pipe. Call us, and let our experienced drain cleaning technician locate the source of the blockage. They will remove the debris, and restore your kitchen sink drains to full functionality.

Cleaning Bathroom Drains

Maybe you notice that the level of water in your toilet is rising dangerously high. When you flush, you have but not a good feeling! A washbasin that’s become blocked over time with soap and grease. Or a bathtub or shower that refuses to drain used water efficiently, leaving unpleasant debris behind. A blocked drain in your bathroom is not only annoying, it can lead to all sorts of more serious issues. Also there will be an additional expense that you must expect. So, to avoid problems escalating, don’t underestimate the value of regular drain cleaning and maintenance.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Serious Drain Problem

Sometimes the issue is more serious than a blocked drain. If you experience any of the issues below, you should seek immediate professional help. Regardless of where you are in West Palm Beach or Palm City area, we’ll reach your place within no time.

clogged sink, drain cleaning

Drain cleaning to avoid foul odors

The revolting smell of sewage is often one of the first symptoms you’ll notice. This may indicate damage somewhere along the pipe, or even a collapsed drain. Call us to get our quick plumbing service anywhere in Palm Beach or any other city of Florida.

Frequent blockages or sewage backups

Regular blockages, or worse still, backups of sewage, even after cleaning of the drain, suggest that a collapsed drain could be the reason.

Damp or mould

When your drain is seriously damaged, the flow of water through your property will be disturbed. Ultimately there will be waste water creating damp patches or mould on walls or ceilings.

Hassle-free Drain Cleaning

Life’s too short to waste time hunting for help with your drains! It’s a fact that most plumbers don’t clean drains and most drain cleaners aren’t specialized plumbers. With Lighthouse Plumbing Services, your search for the right professionals just became a lot easier. We can provide all your cleaning services for drain as well as maintenance and repair needs. 

We’re here to help, 365 days a year, 24/7. From Jupiter to Boca Raton, we carry out drain cleaning in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm City and surroundings. Our satisfied clients know they can call on us anytime to solve their drain problems, big or small!  Apart from that we also offer concierge services to our valuable clients. So call us today on 561-747-0089 to find out how we can help!